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Meet our Management

Dr. Sam Kumar

Founder / Chief Executive Officer

Prior to founding Sarchem Laboratories, Dr. Sam Kumar was a consultant to Beckton-Dickinson, Baxter Chemicals and Elan Chemicals. His experience in synthetic organic chemistry is evident with publications in international journals and with more than 20 US Patents in the field of agricultural chemistry, API’s and biological compounds.

Dr. Kumar graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree focused on the chemistry of natural products, particularly synthesis isolation and structure elucidation of oxygen heterocyclics. He received his PhD in Organic Chemistry from Yale University.

Dr. Saroja Kumar

Founder / President

Dr. Sara Kumar has extensive experience as a synthetic organic chemist. Prior to joining Sarchem Laboratories, Dr. Kumar worked at International Flavours & Fragrances for 17 years, where she worked on natural and synthetic flavors and fine chemicals for fragrances.

Her past responsibilities in the pharmaceutical industry include developing processes for Oxacillin, Cloxacillin and other Penicillin derivatives as well as developing the synthesis for aspartame (artificial sweetener). Dr. Kumar received her PhD in Organic Chemistry from Yale University and a post doctoral fellowship at UCLA, where she has had numerous publications in international journals of organic chemistry.